maandag 12 september 2011


We want to thank all of you who are contacting us showing interest in
El Abrazo del Arbol!
At the moment we can receive only a certain amount of wooffers at a time.  
Furthermore, we will only be accepting wooffers
who are able to stay a minimum of two months with us.

Unfortunately we are not receiving any wwoofers at the moment. 

About us:

Claire (Holland/South Africa) is 26 years old and David (Ecuador) is 28. We speak French, Afrikaans, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, English but we'll be glad to practice and teach you Spanish. We are growing vegetables of all types. We are absolutely free of chemicals and we let ourselves be inspired by techniques from Masanobu Fukuoka (The One Straw Revolution). We are located 15 minutes by car from Mindo village; the region is a tropical rain forest with an amazing biodiversity.
At El Abrazo del Arbol we will have many activities such as bird watching, workshops, live music, yoga, nature walks, open air movies, lectures, a restaurant with organic home grown food etc. We want to create a space where sharing takes place. That is why we combine hotel and volunteering. Guests can come to the hotel to relax, learn, enjoy and wwoofers can come to help us out and share experiences and knowledge.

Activities - We need help on farming and gardening (planting seeds, planting trees, weeding, harvesting, planting flower, etc). Volunteers can also help out in the kitchen and around the hotel at times. At all times you will be amazed by the humming birds, toucans, flowers, butterflies and all kinds of insects. You can go swimming in the river, shower under the waterfall or go for walks into the jungle. We practice Yoga and we will be happy if you join us to practice!! We are very open to new techniques and ideas or tips to improve our methods.

Accommodation - One of the family farmhouses is available for the wwoofers to sleep/cook/shower etc. (15mins walk to farm) Some of our visitors enjoy sleeping in hammocks :-)

Food - please feel free to harvest delicious vegetables and cook them in the kitchen at any time. We will also supply basic food stuff (rice, oil, grains...)


El Huerto

We've been doing lots of experimenting and things are going in the right way!

Let's go to the Huerto

We have hacelga & rucola growing really wel!

All kinds of tomatoes are now growing too!

This is amaranto, hopefully we'll be able to put this into our granola & muesli!


Yuca, corn, pumpkins!

Our volunteering team of the last few months. :-) In front of the wooffer's house.

maandag 14 maart 2011

We are ready for the rain and bugs!!!

We've put up a greenhouse to protect all the veggies against the rain and bugs.

maandag 21 februari 2011

WWOOFER's home in Mindo

Wwoofer's home away from home!

Wwoofers can sleep/cook/shower/chill out in this house. Its a 15 min walk from the Abrazo del Arbol.
The family dogs Elvis and Mambo come for regular visits!

Organic Veggies!

We are growing organic veggies! Please come help us!
Soon pics of our new Greenhouse!